Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Steps to Becoming a "Follow Through" Leader

Proverbs 29:18 says "Where there is no vision, people perish" and yet, we see visionary leaders fail just about every day.  Why do you think that is?  I believe I have a pretty good idea why...

God gives us vision, but when we fail to 'follow through' with that vision, we fail at what He's called us to do.  Great leaders aren't just visionaries, they're men and women capable and determined to follow through with the vision God has given them.

Perhaps He's given you vision for your family or ministry or business or organization... now what?  What are some practical steps to following through on that vision?

1.  Confirm the Vision-- Before acting on a vision, always spend time alone ensuring the vision is God's Will and not just another bright idea.  I recommend spending a lot of time praying and fasting; preparing yourself to hear from God.

2.  Make a Road Map-- Once you've confirmed the vision and have set your goals, spend some time mapping out the steps that you believe bring you from your current destination to the place God has for you to be.  How are you going to get there?  What are some things you'll need to sacrifice along the way?  Who needs to be involved in this process?

3.  Tell People About Your Vision-- A key component to visionary leadership is collaboration.  Isolation doesn't get you very far, but collaborating with like-minded believers will help you think through the intricate details of mapping out this vision.

4.  Grow a Team that Supports this Vision-- When you begin discussing a new vision, it's quite possible that there will be skeptics and critics.  If you surround yourself with these people, they will work hard to squelch the vision God has given you.  Therefore, surround yourself with people that get what you're trying to do. 

5.  Under-Commit & Over-Deliver-- Work hard on controlling your promises.  When setting goals, it's much wiser to make them obtainable that to continually put a carrot in front of your people that never gets eaten. 

6.  Review Your Vision/Goals Regularly-- Keep your vision fresh.  It stays fresh when you're constantly revisiting your vision, the goals and the plan and looking at it in a new light.  Don't let the vision get placed on the back burner, but keep it in front of you and your team of supporters.

7.  Pre-Schedule Dates that Serve as Progress Markers-- If God's given me a vision for my ministry that I believe will take 1 year to accomplish, I would set monthly markers to review and see the progress.  On those dates, we would either celebrate or we would reevaluate.  I think it's important to celebrate progress as well.  Reward your people and the ones helping pull off this vision.

8.  Set Reminders--  Keep your vision visible.  Set alarms on your calendar.  Have post-it notes in your office to alert you to be proactive.  Have people serve as accountability partners and give you calls on specific days to encourage you.  Have reminders in your life that are strategically placed to keep this vision at the forefront of your mind.

9.  Consistently Be Moving--  Don't sit still.  Make it your mission to consistently be moving towards your vision.  You'll have plenty of temptation in your life to pause or take a break, but it's impossible to follow through without moving.  When someone looks at you, they should always see consistent action toward your vision.

10.  Remain Flexible-- Nothing goes exactly according to plan.  Be flexible and realize God may do things a little differently than you thought He would.  Remember that ultimately, you're not in control, He is.  And not only is He in charge, He's also completely capable of being God in the midst of your circumstance.  When things go differently than expected... take a deep breath, and remember how trustworthy He really is.

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  1. As a Pastor of a future church this is great advice. Thanks Bro.Jordan