Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reshaping our Response to Sickness - 2nd MD

I believe my friends, Clint & Brent Phillips are in the process of reshaping and revolutionizing the way we respond when we or a loved one faces sickness in our lives.  Before now, If you got sick and wanted to see one of the world's leading doctors, you would be placed on a waiting list that went on for miles.  Now, through the network of 2nd MD and the accessibility they've created, you can literally be on the phone/computer, discussing your diagnosis in little to no time at all with doctors across the country that are at the top of their field.

You may be asking, "Why are you writing an article about Doctors or the Medical field?  What does this have to do with God or Ministry or Leadership?"  I'm writing this because I beleive it in.  I believe in these men and I believe in their heart to help people. These guys aren't only shaping the medical field, they're also committed believers, Bible Study Teachers, husbands, fathers and friends.  God has given them an incredible opportunity to minister in the workplace and they take their ministry very seriously.

There may be someone you know that is facing a difficult time with their health right now.  Perhaps you know someone who is sick and might just need a 2nd opinion.  If so, I hope 2nd MD will be a great resource for you.

2ndMD - Our Story from 2ndMD on Vimeo.

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