Thursday, October 4, 2012

CHECKPOINTS: A Must-Read for Guys & Dads

Manhood.  It's a word that many in our generation don't understand because we've lost sight of what it truly means to be a man.  Today there are more struggles, more temptations and more battles we have to fight on a daily basis than ever before.  And because of that reality, we need a resource like Checkpoints because it keeps us accountable in the most difficult areas of our lives.

Checkpoints is an invaluable resource that speaks directly to the heart of the issues that young men are facing today.  You need this book if:
  • You or your teen struggles with disrespect
  • You or your teen struggles with pornography
  • You or your teen struggles with self control
  • You or your teen struggles with addictions
  • You or your teen wants help battling temptation
  • You or your teen deals with depression
  • You or your teen wants/needs to develop integrity
  • You or your teen needs help navigating manhood
I highly recommend that you purchase this book if you are a young man, have a young man or know a young  man.  The content speaks directly to these issues and doesn't pull any punches.  Many are using this book as a devotional guide between father and son and others are challenging their teens and college age students to read it with their friends.

Read what others have said about this book:

"I highly recommend & encourage any young man courageous enough to walk through this study to move from boyhood to godly manhood."
Joe White, founder of Kanakuk Camps

"Checkpoints readjusts the trajectory of development so that youg men can capture vision for what it means to be a man of God."
Brent Crowe, Vice President, Student Leadership University

Order a copy today from Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

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