Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Time of Transition

A letter to my Second Family: Last night I delivered a message to our students that I’ve been dreading for a long time. I began by discussing the incredible courage that is required to follow God’s calling on your life. I told the story of my first job in Student Ministry 12 years ago and as I was telling the story, I realized that half of the room was under the age of 3 in the year 2000! Scary thought! As I wrapped up the message, I had to break the news to our students, much like I’m breaking the news to you, my friends, that my season in student ministry has come to an end. If you’ve been at Second for any period of time, I don’t have to convince you how blessed I’ve been to be a part of this staff for the past four and a half years. It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside you, and glean from the incredible wisdom God’s allowed you to accumulate in ministry and in life. I can say without any reservation that I have become a better man, friend, husband, father, pastor and leader as a result of the experiences I’ve shared with each of you, so first of all, thanks. I write this post with sadness, but also great anticipation and excitement. Over the past decade plus, God’s given us great opportunities and even greater favor as we’ve served in Student Ministry and I’ve been blessed in every season. We’ve especially enjoyed our time at Second Baptist Houston, serving under Eric Hystad, who is by far the best leader of leaders I’ve ever worked under. The Second Student ministry as a whole has exemplified excellence from day one and it’s been an honor being a part of such a great team. But even in the midst of serving this great church and ministry, God has made it very clear that my season of leading Student Ministry has come to an end. I’ve accepted a position as the Teaching Pastor at Longhollow Baptist Church outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where I will be preaching and giving leadership to their satellite campuses. I’ve never done anything except student ministry, so I’m moving forward humbled, a little nervous and completely relying on the strength and wisdom of God in this next season of ministry. This move will be bitter sweet because we leave behind our most treasured season of life and ministry here at Second. We leave behind friends that have become like family and a staff team that is second to none. It’s difficult to leave a church that you love. It’s difficult to leave a church where the Pastor is one of your heroes and is without a doubt the greatest leader/preacher/visionary/evangelists we’ve ever served under. We’ve been incredibly blessed during our time at Second and it’s our prayer that we’ll be able to take a little piece of this place with us as we move on. I pray that you’ll keep in touch and continue being such a wonderful part of our lives. We covet your prayers during the transition! Jordan Easley


  1. Congrats bro. We will be praying for you and your family!

  2. Welcome to Long Hollow! Didn't get around to shake your hand, but I did want to say hello & God bless you and your family!