Friday, June 7, 2013

Easley Kid Baptisms

I'll never forget being in the hospital in 2005, just minutes after my wife Audra gave birth to our daughter Jailee. Once the Doctors and nurses cleared the room, we were given about 15 minutes to be alone as a brand new family. In that hospital room, Audra and I laughed and cried and spent time in prayer. We prayed for our little girl; we prayed for her future, her health, her someday spouse, and her salvation. I can remember asking God that she would love Jesus with all her heart and someday make the decision to abandon her own life and give the ownership of her world to Him.

 When my son was born, just 13 months later, we had the same Doctor, the same delivery nurse and the same routine in lifting our new addition up to the Lord and begging him for these same things. Fast forward about seven and a half years from the moment our first was born and you'll see that God has answered our prayers.

 The beginning of the year 2013 has been one to remember. A new church, a new home, new schools, a new ministry, and a fresh passion to lead and preach the Gospel. But these aren't the only 'new' things 2013 has brought. For over a year, we had been 'holding our kids off' when it came to them giving their lives to Christ. We just wanted to be sure that they completely understood what this decision entailed, so we (trying to be responsible parents) tried to make this a tough decision for our kids. Finally, our daughter copped an attitude with us that said, "I'm making this decision. I'm not waiting any more," and that's exactly what we had been praying would happen.

 Asher soon followed, not because of his sister's decision, but because he knew he was a sinner and he understood his need for a Savior. Just weeks apart, we got down on our knees and heard our children pray in their own words, giving their lives to Jesus and asking Him to forgive them of their sins and to guide them in their lives from that day forward.

 As a parent, I can't tell you a moment that has been more special to me. Hearing words come out of your child's mouth that you've been praying for since the moment they were born. For me, as I watch their baptisms again today, my mind went back to that hospital room. I remember that squishy-faced baby wrapped up like a cloth burrito and us laying hands on them and asking God to save them and now, God has answered those prayers. God is faithful and He is good.

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