Tuesday, August 13, 2013

15 Ways to Becoming a Successful Staff Member

Learning how to become a successful team member is vital to the everyday team member. If you join a staff (of any size) and do not have the skills and abilities to join a team, you’ll have a long road ahead of you. Below are 15 examples that I’ve learned and will help you become a successful team member.

1. Look to Gain Experience Outside Your Comfort Zone
Intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can deal with internal discomfort more effectively. When you do so, it gives opportunities for growth and development in you personally and as a leader.

2. Come prepared… every day.
Adjust your state of mind before you get out of your car and walk into the church. Make sure you’re ALL-IN when you walk into the building each and every day. Make sure your mind is right before you take another step.

3. Make Adjustments in order to Accomplish Effectiveness
You want to minimize distractions that prevent you from being maximized in your ministry.
Possible Distractions: Gossip in the office, Drama, Other Job Offers, Potential of climbing the ladder, etc. Don’t let the drama you’re surrounded with prevent you from being effective at what God has called you to.

4. Listen More—Speak Less
When someone is speaking… listen. Don’t let your mind drift and begin thinking about your response. Listen and wait for them to finish talking.

5. Have a Balanced Personality
With plenty of power comes the chance of delusion. Staying humble and respected ought to be a priority for you. This gives others no real excuses to hate you and can even be a characteristic that most would admire. Just because you have a BIG or POWERFUL personality, doesn’t mean you should make that your go-to all the time.

6. Quit the Comparison Game
When you compare yourself to others, you’re revealing your insecurities and immaturity. Not only that, but when you compare yourself to someone else, the outcome will never be positive. (Another ministry, Numbers, Budget size, Staff size, buildings, etc.) The result is: You feel bad about yourself (i.e. the person God made you) and your ministry (i.e. the place where God has you).

7. Communicate Through Your Body Language
You don’t have to speak to communicate. When you cross your arms, slouch or yawn, it shows your team what you’re really feeling. Be aware of the messages you’re sending with your body and make sure you are communicating positive messages to those who you encounter on a day-to-day basis.

8. Use Your Words Wisely
Learn to be an encourager and someone who compliments the people around them.
Write thank you notes… every day. Seriously, have a stack of cards on your desk and make yourself write thank you notes. You can never be too thankful, therefore, when you force yourself to give thanks, it’s a win for you and for them.
See Good things… Say Good Things. Don’t just think good things about people… Say them. When you can make this part of your routine, it will be a big boost to those you speak to every day.

9. Dress the Part
Your appearance will command the respect of others or it will prevent someone from initially respecting you. When you dress like a slob, it handicaps you from reaching your full potential.

10. Choose to have Personal Accountability
An accountability partner isn’t enough anymore. Go above and beyond to protect yourself from the daily Satanic attacks.

11. Be a Prayer Warrior
Prayerless ministry. Prayerless Minister. Prayerless Christian. What do these have in common? They are all oxymoronic. We have to be people of prayer.
Pray for wisdom, vision, humility, discernment, the ability to submit to authority, for fellow staff members, your leaders/Pastor, for God’s favor, etc.

12. Practice Personal Evangelism
This keeps you fresh and committed to the calling God has on your life. Also, we can’t expect our students to embrace personal evangelism if we aren’t sharing our faith.

13. Stay in Your Own Lane
It’s kind of like driving; when you get out of your lane, things get real bad real quick. As a member of a staff team, you’ve got to know when to speak and when to listen. You need to be able to discern what is your responsibility and what isn’t.

14. Don’t Die on Every Hill
Breathe… it’s going to be okay. Don’t get so worked up over every little thing. In the end, if you can’t embrace this principle, you’ll flame out before you ever have a chance to be successful.
By the way… Social Media isn’t the place to express yourself. If you want to do something really stupid, then get on your Facebook or Twitter account and begin making ridiculous remarks and posting ridiculous pictures. Remember, if it’s posted, it’s permanent. We have got to have wisdom in this area.

15. Never Stop Learning
Be a student, every day. Surround yourself with people wiser than yourself.
Read good books. Ask good questions. Embrace criticism. Fail forward. Grow every single day. Hopefully something in this article challenged you a little bit. If so, you’re already working on #15, so congrats!

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