Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Ways to Be More Frugal in your Ministry

Let’s be honest, money is tight; budgets are being cut and resources are becoming more and more limited.  But no matter how dry the well gets, we can’t become okay with using this as an excuse in our area of ministry.  The status quo doesn’t change because dollars become less and hopefully your expectation of excellence in ministry doesn’t differ depending on what your budget is or isn’t.
So, how does ministry go on with less money to work with?  Here are 5 ideas of how you can become more frugal in your ministry:
1.  Share, Borrow, just don’t Steal:  As you browse the internet, you see other ministries with all their toys and trinkets and your first thought is, “I wish I could have that!”  But did you ever stop to think that maybe they would let you use it?  Instead of copying and pasting their logo, why not call and ask to use it for your event?  Instead of killing your yearly budget for a portable sound system, why not call another local church or local association and see if you can use theirs?

2.  Partner with other Ministries:  If we need something last-minute, most of us go straight to Wal-Mart (or another store).  Think about how much money we could save if we would get in a routine of making the other ministries in our church the first stop in a time of need.  When we cross-ventilate with other ministries, our ministry dollars have the ability of being stretched.
3.  Connect with your Community:  There are people in your area right now that would love to partner with your ministry, but you have to approach them first.  When you do this, you’ll discover that you can feed your kids on Wednesday night for free (because people will donate food).  You’ll discover that people will donate the giveaways for your next big event, even give you gifts for your adult volunteers.  Don’t be afraid to ask; people are looking to give to a good cause and they’re also looking for tax write off’s.
4.  Sell Some Stuff:  You probably have valuable things in your church right now that nobody uses.  Not too long ago, we sold 6 of the full size video games (Mrs. Pac-man style) and they brought thousands of dollars.  Maybe you have an old computer or an old drum kit in the back closet.  If you take the time to clean out the closet, you’ll discover that there’s a whole lot of cash sitting in there.
5.  Plan Well:  If money is an issue, plan your events accordingly.  With cost-effective events, it gives you and your students more availability to make these events successful.  Not only that, but when you plan your events for the year, give the parents in your ministry a print out of projected costs for the year.  They may cringe at the final dollar amount, but they’ll be grateful for the heads up and respect you more for taking the time to be responsible and plan well.

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