Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ending the Comparison Game

There will always be someone better looking… someone with more talent or a bigger budget… someone with better connections, a bigger salary, or someone with a bigger church… There will always be someone with a bigger office or a more successful ministry, and the reality is that we have a natural reaction to this reality.  Our instinctive reaction is to compare ourselves to these people.  We do!

In this article, I want to attempt to give you three reasons why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people (or compare our ministry to other ministries) and then give you practical ways to end the comparison game in your own life.

Why we shouldn’t compare:


Did you ever stop and think where these comparative thoughts are originating from?  Do you really think God is implanting these negative thoughts into your brain?  No, this is just another manipulative tool that Satan uses to distract men and women of God.  He will do whatever he can to prevent productivity for the Kingdom of God.  He’ll attempt to distract you, manipulate you and even cause a sense of discontentment in order to remove you from being maximized in your calling.

When you are comparing yourself to someone else or even another ministry, you first of all have to admit a few things to yourself:  1)  You only see the shell, you don’t see the core.  Just because something looks ripe on the outside doesn’t mean the inside is ripe.  2)  Just because the grass looks greener from a distance, doesn’t mean the field isn’t filled with weeds.  Weeds are naturally greener than grass and sometimes, our eyes stop after seeing the color without investigating why the field appears to be so green.  Don’t let your eyes trick you and lead you into self-pity; God has you where you’re at for a reason.  Take your time, investigate and make sure the field isn’t filled with weeds.


We can strive to become someone else, but that doesn’t change who God made us to be.  You can impersonate someone to a “T” but when you do so, you’re robbing yourself of becoming the individual God created you to become.  Now, this doesn’t always have to be a negative.  I acknowledge people, ministries, churches, and even other Dad’s and husbands that do things way better than I do.  I watch them closely and even choose to emulate different things they do.  That can be a positive thing and ultimately make a positive difference.  But when we see the ‘comparison game’ leading us to negative thoughts & negative actions, that should be a red flag in our life that should serve as an indicator telling us that something is wrong.

Be you.  Life is a journey filled with opportunities to become greater, and it’s okay to glean wisdom from others, but don’t allow the comparison game to drag you down into a pit of negativity and self-pity.


When you constantly focus on how great everyone else has it, it typically leads to you focusing on how bad you have it.  The comparison game usually leads to jealousy, greed, envy and spite.  None of these things will prepare you as a leader to become maximized where you are, rather, they’ll lead your heart to negative places that will in turn prepare you for a quick exit.

So, how can I prevent myself from playing the comparison game?

    RECOGNIZE THE SUCCESS AROUND YOU- It’s alright to recognize the success around you. It’s okay to glean from that their wisdom.  If you do so (in a healthy manner) you will grow and become a more well-rounded leader.

    RECOGNIZE YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS- You can only do so much.  Don’t try to play God and position yourself to do something or become someone who He hasn’t made you to be.

    MAKE PROGRESS TOWARD YOUR OWN GOALS- Don’t be so busy trying to become someone else that you forget about your own goals.

    CELEBRATE WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE- It should be a celebration when you consider the fact that God created you with a purpose in mind.  We may not be able to see the future, but He does, and I believe our God is capable to doing great things in and through each and every one of us if we’ll just trust Him for the outcome of our lives.

Read Galatians 6:4-5


  1. Good post Jordan. It is filled with good insight for most of us who struggle with comparison. I have one comment though: you ARE the shiny church. At SBH & now LH, you have the best facilities, biggest budgets, most volunteers, you've cornered and monopolized the ministry in your town, and have the most flashy/modern/trendy worship.

    Now tell me really, do you still struggle with comparison?? Is there something out there that you think is greener? Because the rest if us are questioning if it really gets any greener. I'd love to know your thoughts.

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts. We miss you here in TX.