Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Brand of Wine Jesus Made

The Brand of Wine Jesus Made from Long Hollow Baptist Church on Vimeo.

The question has been asked time and time again... "Jesus turned water into wine, so does that mean it's okay for me to drink wine as well?"

Many people take this story out of scripture and try to use it to defend social drinking.  That's what happens when we 'look' at this story instead of 'look into' this story.   We miss the central message Jesus was trying to communicate because we're so preoccupied trying to defend our own position.

Watch this video and let me know what you think.

Let the dialogue begin.

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  1. Very thought provoking video, I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the point of alcohol ruining lives and relationships.

    For me, I believe it comes down to what one believes God tells them regarding the subject. There’s no clear cut answer or else it would not be disputed.

    Though it may cause negative issues and conflicts, alcohol doesn’t necessarily always create issues. In moderation and small amounts it creates a merry joyful atmosphere. This is certainly not negative in that sense but it certainly can. Everyone has different levels at which they become intoxicated, this being defined by the law in our nation. Everything in extreme amounts is bad, and as such alcohol should be regarded as something we need to view as a powerful tool. Choosing to stay safe from accidental intoxication is a choice for many but others take the risk of drinking alcohol.

    Defining drunk according to the Bible for myself is difficult as it is not clearly stated. For Noah, he passed out due to drinking wine so we know that not all wine in the Bible was “grape juice” as some like to believe. From my understanding, the wedding which Jesus was at took place months after the harvest of grapes meaning the grapes were fermented, causing the wine to be fermented. They had no way to preserve grapes quite like today. Thus, we can gather that since the guests drank all of the wine they were intoxicated at least to a degree. The question is would Jesus give these people more alcoholic wine if they were at the edge of being drunk? Using the old testament, probably not. Depending on how we define drunk. If we define it by being passed out, then they may have been close to the limit and thus hadn’t needed more alcohol. Likewise with being impaired they would also not need alcohol.
    I believe he did not give them alcoholic wine as they more than likely did not need it.

    Jesus went to an event where drinking of alcoholic wine took place and even gave those drinking more to drink, whether that was alcoholic or not is disputed. Does this mean he advocated it? That comes down to one’s beliefs. Does it make those drinking view Jesus as one who was fine with wine? I certainly would never give a crowd of people drunk from wine more wine whether or not it was fermented. It would show I advocated it in their eyes, that being wine in the alcoholic sense.

    Just my thoughts, I by no mean claim these to be true but only as thought provoking. Sorry if it does not correlate properly all throughout as I did not write it in a proper format.

    All in all it comes down to the individual and whether or not the risk of going too far is worth it. Alcohol is powerful and should be looked at with precaution.