Sunday, November 17, 2013

20 Choices a Happy People Make

If you're going to be a "happy" person, it begins with you making some critical choices in your life.  Here are 20 choices that happy people make:

1. Choose to think positive thoughts instead of thinking negative thoughts.

2. Choose to be active instead of being passive and/or stagnant.

3. Choose to put a smile on your face instead of choosing to wear a frown.

4. Choose to forgive those who've done wrong against you instead of holding a grudge.

5. Choose to invest your time & resources instead of hoarding them.

6. Choose to do life in community instead of doing life in solitary confinement.

7. Chose to believe in God and trust His plan instead of doubting Him and playing the role of "Lord" in your life.

8. Choose to do something purposeful instead of wasting another day.

9. Choose to say something kind instead of saying something hurtful or saying nothing at all.

10. Choose to demonstrate love instead of being imprisoned by hate.

11. Choose to play hard instead of constantly being focused on work.

12. Choose to listen well instead of ignoring those around you.

13. Choose to meet the needs of someone else instead of being inwardly focused.

14. Choose to laugh hard instead of always taking everything so serious.

15.  Choose to be content with what you have instead of always craving more and more.

16. Choose to address your problems instead of avoiding your problems.

17. Choose to dream big dreams instead of shooting for easily obtainable goals.

18. Choose to avoid the comparison game instead of living with a pattern of covetousness. 

19. Choose to take care of your body and be healthy instead of eating yourself into an early grave.

20. Choose to tell the truth instead of living a lie.

How are you doing with these?  


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