Thursday, November 28, 2013

Youth Ministry Giants talk about Jordan Easley's book "Life Change"

Life Change wasn't written specifically for students, but after spending well over a decade in Student Ministry, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't written with students in mind.

This book is a walk through the Gospel of Mark and every person's story that is discussed has something in common.  They all needed their life to change and wanted their life to be change, but didn't have the ability to change it themselves.

Life Change uses humor and real-life stories to challenge the way we look at God and it reminds us that unnatural change is possible through a supernatural God.  I believe it's a book that every student should read because it gives the reader hope in the areas where we tend to lose hope first.  It reminds us why we should believe in God and trust Him with our lives.

Brian Mills, Student Pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN realized that Life Change is a book about transitions and change and as a result, he has ordered well over 100 copies to give to every graduating Senior in his ministry this year.

Here's what Brian said about the book:  "There is no one better to write about life change that Jordan Easley.  He has committed his life to allow God to use him to invest in others and see life change take place.  You will read in this book a simple, practical approach to life change all centered around God's Word.  Jordan shows us how we can all change and unpacks how to allow change to take place.  It is a must-read book and a great book to use for discipleship groups, sermon series, or even a small group study."

Brian knows a thing or two about developing students.  He's served in some of the great Student Ministries in the country and has also written an incredible devotional for young men that I highly recommend called "Checkpoints: A Tactical Guide to Manhood."

Drew Worsham isn't only a internationally-known magician, he's also an incredible man of God.  Drew has traveled the globe sharing the hope of Jesus Christ as a Magician and a Mentalist.  He is incredibly gifted and has dedicated his life to sharing Christ to the next generation.

After reading Life Change, this is what Drew had to say:  "While reading this book, I found Jordan time and time again answering questions that I didn't realize my heart was asking.  Every human desires change but we struggle to figure out how to make it happen.  In this amazingly practical book, Jordan helps us realize and believe that life change is found only in the accessible presence of Christ."
Matt Lawson is the author of Twisdom and also leads one of America's great Student Ministries at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA.  The roots of Matt's passion for Student Ministry run deep.  Matt is one of the champions that continuously ask the question, "How can we see God do something great in this next generation?" and he's built his life and ministry around finding the answer.

After reading Life Change, this is what Matt had to say:  "Most of us are rarely satisfied with who we are and are constantly fighting for change.  Jordan Easley's Life Change…

...will help anyone navigate the stages and steps of spiritual change and point to real people who've been through it."

As the Vice President of Student Leadership University and a top-rated Speaker in many of our largest Student Ministry venues, Dr. Brent Crowe understands the incredible opportunity we have in shaping next generation leaders.  SLU is the leading ministry in partnering with churches and challenging students to step out of the status quo and become the leader God created them to be.  As a High School student, I attended SLU and can honestly say that without this ministry, I wouldn't be where I am today.  I highly recommend Brent's books, Reimagine and Chasing Elephants.

Brent had this to say about Life Change:  "In a world saturated with self-help books and drowning in a sea of secular humanism comes an essential read for this in need of change.  In Life Change, my friend Jordan Easley takes us on a journey through the Gospel of Mark, where we interact with characters desperate for transformation.  Like all great teachers, Jordan uses the Bible to illuminate our need and also provide clarity to the answer of authentic and lasting change.  This book was written for all who are thirsty for change--come to the water and be filled."

As a Seminary Professor, Dr. Alvin Reid has dedicated his life to training and equipping Student Pastors.  He has a burning desire to see the Gospel change the lives of students and he believes God wants to use us in fostering that change.  He wrote a great book called As You Go that reminds us that every step is an opportunity to be a part of that journey.

Dr. Reid had this to say:  ""Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."These words by Leo Tolstoy remind us how easy it is to become idealistic about change without considering ourselves.  In Life Change, Jordan Easley offers practical, biblical help for the person who understands the only way to change the world is to stare in the mirror.  You will be encouraged, challenged, and engaged by this book."
Ron Luce launched a ministry many years ago called Teen Mania Ministries, and since then, they've been packing out stadiums for Acquire the Fire Events and presenting the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of teenagers around the world.

Ron's response to Life Change was pretty simple. He said:  "Life Change is an insightful book offering freedom, wisdom, and hope with excellent biblical examples of real people who desired change but realized it was impossible apart from Jesus, "The Change Agent."

To order your copy of Life Change now, click HERE.
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