Wednesday, February 26, 2014

101 Impossible Things God Did

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you."  [Jeremiah 32:17]
From the Old Testament
1. Creation of the entire earth from nothing

2. The flood, when humanity did not even know what rain was

3. Sarah gives birth to Isaac at age 90

4. God spares Isaac on Mt. Moriah

5. Esau doesn’t kill Jacob despite of the deep hatred and grudge

6. Joseph’s rise to #2 in Egypt

7. A bush burns yet was unconsumed

8. (#8-17) 10 remarkable plagues on Egypt and the Egyptians

18. The Red Sea parted into two for the Israelites to cross

19. Manna and Quail from out of nowhere

20. Water from a dry rock

21. Budding of Aaron’s staff

22. Jordan river split when crossed

23. 7x march around Jericho and the walls fell

24. The sun ‘stands still’: 24 hr illumination

25. Gideon’s fleece/victory with only 300

26. Ruth gets married (against all odds)

27. Hannah has baby Samuel

28. David gets picked to be king (the least likely candidate for a king)

29. David defeats Goliath

30. David escapes death repeatedly

31. God shows up for Elijah on Mt. Carmel

32. Widow’s oil replenishes over and over

33. Shunammite’s son raised from dead

34. Naaman’s leprosy removed

35. The Shunammite who got back her land after 7 years

36. An axhead floats

37. Hezekiah’s prayer answered and life extended

38. Jehoshaphat’s victory

39. Nehemiah rebuilds wall in 52 days

40. King’s Xerxes' dream humiliates Haman

41. Haman hung on his own gallows

42. Daniel and friends looked better than the others when on diet of  just veggies and water

43. Daniel told the dream & interpretation without prior foreknowledge

44. Daniel's 3 friends escaped unscathed from the burning furnace

45. A hand writes on the wall, from out of nowhere

46. Daniel escapes the lions’ den

From the New Testament
47. Virgin birth of Jesus

48. Water turned to wine at the wedding in Cana

49. Lepers healed

50. Centurion’s paralyzed servant healed at the mention of Jesus' words

51. Furious storm instantly calmed

52. Gerasene demoniac healed

53. Another paralyzed man healed

54. 12 yr-old girl raised from dead

55. Old hemorrhaging woman healed

56. 5 blind men healed at different times.

61. Jesus feeds 5000 with almost nothing.

62. Jesus does it again later feeding another 4000

63. Jesus walks on water
64. Demon-possessed boy is made well

65. Coin for 2-person's tax duty pulled from the fish mouth

66. Fig tree withers

67. Resurrection 

68. Deaf/Mute man healed

69. Zechariah goes mute, then speaks

70. Angels spoke to the shepherds

71. Star came up in the East to guide

72. Huge catch of fish, #1

73. Huge catch of fish, #2

74. Widow’s dead son raised to life

75. Ten lepers are all healed simultaneously

76. 2 men on road to Emmaus met the resurrected Jesus

77. Many resurrection appearances of Jesus

78. Jesus knows the Samaritan woman’s marital status

79. Invalid man (for 38 y) healed at Bethesda

80. Man born blind, healed

81. Lazarus raised from the dead

82. Soldiers fell to the ground at Jesus’ words

83. Pentecost tongues & gospel proclamation

84. Crippled beggar healed

85. Ananias and Sapphira killed on the spot

86. Apostles heal many

87. An Ethiopian Eunuch reading Isaiah 53

88. Saul knocked down, converted

89. Paralyzed Aeneas healed

90. Tabitha raised from dead
91. Peter’s “Sheet vision”

92. Peter’s escape from prison

93. Paul recovers from stoning

94. Vision of the Macedonian man

95. Paul and Silas sprung from jail

96. The Lord speaks to Paul in a vision (Cor.)

97. Handkerchiefs and aprons heal the sick

98. Eutychus raised from the dead

99. Paul predicts shipwreck

100. Paul had a snake bit, but lives

101.  He saved me.

These are 101 ‘impossible’ things God did. 
If He can do these, is there any situation or circumstance He can’t solve in your life?

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