Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Things GREAT Churches Have


If there's one thing we don't have, it's a shortage of churches.  We have big churches and small churches… traditional churches and contemporary churches… Baptist Churches, Methodist Churches, Church of Christ and other denominational churches.  Nobody ever asks, "Why don't we have more churches?"  Instead, the question I'm hearing is, "Why aren't there more GREAT churches?"

What makes a church great?  Seriously… what is it?   When you observe the churches in America that are seeing great harvests or experiencing unexplainable growth… what do they have that other churches don't?  What are they doing that others won't?  Is it the location or the preacher that makes it great?  Is it the church with the most trendy methodology or the one with the best worship band?  Is it the one with the best Next Generation Ministry or the one with a more edgy global missions emphasis?  What makes a church great?

When you dissect these churches, you'll notice that they all have 5 things in common.  Now, I'm not naive enough to believe that these 5 things are a formula for greatness, because I'm fully aware that outside of the God's power and favor, there's nothing we can do to generate lasting Kingdom momentum.  If you're a part of a church that wants to be great; do more, see more, experience more Kingdom ministry, then it's important that we understand that outside of focused prayer, a state of humility and a complete dependence on God, we're just spinning our wheels in our pursuit of more.

One thing is for certain:  God wants your church to be GREAT!  So what do great churches have?


Great churches have great leadership.  Period.  That obviously starts with the Senior Pastor and his leadership from the platform.  If you show me a church that's growing, making disciples, baptizing more & expeirencing Kingdom momentum, I'll show you a Pastor that saw it before it happened, prayed diligently for God to make it happen, and led his church in a way where they weren't surprised when it happened. Leadership begins with the Senior Pastor… but, it's not limited to it.  Great churches also have great leadership in the areas of their staff, volunteers, & deacon/elder leadership.  Pastors hire & recruit the best of the best and then let them do what God has called and equipped them to do.  


Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, people perish."  That goes for churches as well.  You show me a church with no vision, I'll show you a dead church.  Great churches have great vision.  They understand the marching orders laid out by Christ.  They get the Great Commission.  They see the lost people in their communities.  They accept the responsibility of taking the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.  They have great vision.


I've never seen a great church that was a passionless church.  Great churches have great passion.  They know what it's like to take 'vision' and run with it.  A passionate church turns instruction to action, and their action leads to an ongoing motivation (to do more, experience more and expect more), and that motivation leads to God-honoring determination.  Great churches are determined to be maximized for the Kingdom of God and refuse to be a low-impact body of Christ in their communities and around the globe.


Great churches aren't divided, they are unified.  They aren't segmented, they are connected.  And really, unity comes as the result of great leadership, vision and passion.  


Great churches believe in what they are doing.  Not only do they believe in the mission, but they believe in the process.  If a church wants to be great, it has to truly believe in the leadership.  It has to believe in the vision.  It has to believe in what the church is passionate about and work hard to stay unified as church family.

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