Sunday, May 4, 2014

When God Says "GO"

On Sunday, April 27th, I preached a message in view-of-a-call in all 3 morning services at Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. On May 4th, the church voted to call me as their Senior Pastor and with great excitement and expectation, we have accepted the call to go.

Just typing those words brings a smile to my face. The reason I chuckle under my breath is because it reminds me of the countless times growing up where people would shake my hand or greet me at church and would say things like, "Someday, you're going to Pastor a church… or Lead a church… or be a Preacher just like your Daddy." And my token response was one that was repeated quite regularly… "You're crazy! Never in a million years!"

Never in my wildest childhood dreams did I ever think I'd be doing... this.  Every step of this journey has been hilarious to me because I could have never predicted or planned God's path for my life. It's amazing how many times I've gotten it wrong. There have been times I could have sworn I'd be a businessman for the rest of my life and there have been other seasons where I thought I'd be a Student Ministry lifer. At times I thought I'd be a long-term Teaching Pastor or author. I've even had times where I thought I'd travel and speak full time. Even this time last year, I was convinced that God was going to have us in Hendersonville, Tennessee for the rest of our ministry, but it seems like every time I get it all figured out, God shows me that His plan is different than mine.

This time, God's made his plan for my life crystal clear! He's called me to Pastor.  Despite my own insecurities, I'm confident that God wants to use me to be a part of something special in Jackson, Tennessee.

It's pretty amazing how God uses each season to prepare you for the season to come. I've had an amazing time serving at Long Hollow! Serving on the Executive Leadership team alongside David Landrith has been an experience I'll always cherish. He's demonstrated so many valuable leadership lessons to me and has also shown me how to lead a church through difficult circumstances. He trusted me with his platform and gave me an opportunity to preach/teach/lead in a very vulnerable time for Long Hollow, and for that I'll always be indebted to Him. I'm confident that the best days of Long Hollow are yet to come and I'm confident that God is going to continue doing something special in Middle Tennessee! To keep up with David and his battle with cancer, Click HERE.

When God tells you to "GO" it can be a little scary. I think about how Abraham felt when God told him (in Genesis 12) to, "Go from you country and your people and your father's household to the land I will show you." He didn't know what to expect. He didn't know what to think. He had to have a complete faith and trust that the Lord, in all of His provision, would provide clarity as Abraham pursued the call... and God did. God promised him in verse 2, "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you." Abraham understood, that the destination may be unfamiliar, but the reward for obedience is great.

I'm pursuing this transition with the same expectation from God. My family will be moving to a new place; one that we are pretty unfamiliar with. It requires a lot of faith to leave a place you love; where you're comfortable and content and move to a place where there is uncertainty. But what God has shown me lately is that when you put your "YES" on the table… and agree to follow God's plan no matter what, the word uncertainty doesn't exist anymore. It's a reminder that God's will for our lives is all the certainty we need.

We couldn't be more excited about our upcoming season of ministry at Englewood. It's one of the great churches in Tennessee and one that has a long, rich history of great ministry under many great leaders. We've fallen in love with the people already and can't wait to see what God has in store for us as we lock arms and begin serving together. I'm convinced that Englewood is a church poised for something big in the days to come! I covet your prayers these days as I'm preparing to be the man/leader God's called me to be.


  1. Jordan we're so happy for you Audra and your kiddos. I'm sure there will be many great days and years ahead of you serving God as he has planned. You're momma and daddy must be so proud of you and how far God has brought you as you've honored HIM. Congratulations!! Odessa FBC is happy to have had you way back when. Jeanie & Dee Finn

  2. Laura Vega ScottMay 4, 2014 at 3:15 PM

    So very proud of you and your family! How sweet it has been to watch you (and Jonah & Jessica) grow up thru the years!

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